IndieWebCamp Austin

February 22 - 23, 2020
Capital Factory
701 Brazos St, Austin, Texas

IndieWebCamp Austin 2020 is a gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, from graphic artists, to designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, actively work on creating for their own personal websites, and build upon each others creations.

Own your data.

We should all own the content we're creating, rather than just posting to third-party content silos.

Publish on your own domain, and syndicate to social media.

Be a part of advancing & growing the open independent web with the latest in decentralized web technologies.


To get to the Capital Factory, enter through Omni Hotel, then look for the glass conference rooms with "IndieWebCamp" signs.


Please visit the IndieWeb wiki for the detailed schedule of the two days!


  • Chris Aldrich Yesterday, the ever-thoughtful Jean MacDonald led a conversational session at IndieWebCamp Austin on Explaining the IndieWeb (video of the session). The session highlights one of the communities’ ongoing struggles is to help to define itself simply to a tremendously large group of people from different backgrounds and wealths of experiences. The community has build a massive Wiki of resources, tools, ideas, definitions, and brainstorming that can at times seem impenetrable to the newcomer. Simplifying and breaking things down into smaller constituent parts may be a helpful exercise. Toward that end, as another potential entry-point to the community, I’ve created a page called IndieWeb Questions that aggregates and attempts to quickly answer the common Who, What, Why, How, When, Where questions about the IndieWeb and provide a range of low-level jumping off points to highlight further information, before attempting to provide more specific technical information. I’d like to invite those who participated in the session yesterday, others in the community, and especially those who may be new to the community to contribute to the page or point out parts that they may find difficult to understand or confusing. If you can’t log into the wiki to do so (yet), feel free to join the chat and add your commentary there or post on your site of choice. I’d also specifically challenge people to write essays (preferably on their own sites) about what the IndieWeb is to them, how they define it personally, and what they’d like to see in the future and post it in the Articles section of this new page. A diversity of perspectives here may be helpful in welcoming the broadest diversity of people into the community in the future. As ever, I expect the idea of IndieWeb to mean something slightly different to everyone the same way that they’ll approach it with different technical abilities and personal preferences. Hopefully in the end, the playing field will level out for everyone and we’ll all just think of it as “using and being on the web”.
  • Aaron Parecki Group photo from IndieWebCamp Austin!
  • Tantek Çelik going to @IndieWebCamp #Austin! 🗓 2/22-23 📍 @CapitalFactory 🎟 ✉️ Join us! @ag_dubs @blendhappy @stacieleigha @steveklabnik @teleject et al Get a website, create, innovate! +2/21 Micro Meetup! Make 2020 the year you make your website first, use social media second (if at all). FB Event: (whatever helps you get it on your calendar) More:
  • Greg McVerry @traceyhabla You should head to @indiewebcamp Austin (try to drag Corn and Bob too) if I draft up an email can share on any UT-Austin even pages or listservs?