IndieWebCamp West 2020 pre-camp preparation

June 22, 2020
Mon 6:30 - 7:30pm (America/Los_Angeles)
  • Are you new to the IndieWeb? (Hello and welcome if you are!)
  • Are you planning on attending IndieWebCamp West 2020 and aren't sure what to expect?
  • Not sure how to access, set up, or use any of the common community tools like chat, the IndieWeb Wiki, or Etherpad?
  • Do you have questions about brainstorming a potential session and how to facilitate it?

We'll do a quick overview of how camp works and what to expect. We'll provide a walk through of all the common technologies and some of the community cultural norms around using them so that when camp starts on Saturday morning, you'll feel more comfortable and be prepared and ready to go to have two fun and productive days of improving your website.

Users of all levels of ability are encouraged to attend this session. Bring all your camp-related questions and we'll do our best to answer them.

There's no need to RSVP for this session. It's completely acceptable to just show up at the appointed time.


  • Chris Aldrich The wiki page you mentioned is the primary one for camp. It and some of the subsidiary pages for camp will change as the days unfold. The schedule page is now up with the times for the two days. Since it’s a BarCamp-style format, sessions will be added and finalized on the morning of the first day beginning at around 11:30AM. If you’d like to propose a session in advance, visit the proposals page or do so on the Etherpad. If you’ve never been to camp before, we’ve got a page about roughly what to expect. I’m also hosting an intro session next Monday if you’d like to show up for that. If you’re stuck on the day of camp, you can always ask in the chat channel for help finding any of the resources for participating.