Homebrew Website Club West Coast

July 8, 2020
Wed 6:00 - 7:30pm (America/Los_Angeles)

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Notes for the meetup's etherpad

This week's Event host: Tantek Çelik

Running the Zoom Room: David Shanske

Homebrew Website Club is a meetup for anyone interested in personal websites and a distributed web. Whether you’re a blogger, coder, designer, or just someone who wants to improve their presence on the web, this meetup is for you.

6:00pm–7:30pm IndieWeb Meetup

  • Demos of personal website breakthroughs
  • Discussion around the independent web
  • Get to know other members of the IndieWeb!
  • Create or update your personal web site!
  • Finish that blog post you’ve been working on!

Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site, or are interested in a healthy, independent web!

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  • David, Tantek, Jacky, Sarah, and Marty participating virtually in Homebrew Website Club West Coast!David, Tantek, Jacky, Sarah, and Marty participating virtually in Homebrew Website Club West Coast!

Blog Posts


  • Tantek Çelik tantek.com hosted Homebrew Website Club West Coast tonight: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/07/homebrew-website-club-west-coast-ZObv0hlGOdR5 Discussed many topics: proposed h-entry p-content-warning property https://github.com/microformats/h-entry/issues/19, IndieAuth test suite, UX personas roles as a way to update https://indieweb.org/generations, and more
  • Jacky Alciné v2.jacky.wtf This is my entry for the quiet hour during the homebrew website club meetup this week. I’ve come across some interesting posts and wrote some thoughts I’d like to share with people. Neil Mather indirectly wrote a post about the “feudal” Internet that we live in and it definitely is going in my bookmark list of things to reflect and ground me when working on the Web. There’s early consensus around defining content warnings for the IndieWeb with Koype Publish being a potential adopter sometime soon. I provided a mock up of my site’s redesign as a motivator to work on Koype Publish and Koype to have its homepage driven by Microformats2. I wrote a bit about how I wanted that page to work in particular. I need to work on something to drive Microformats2 for specific “special” pages on my site though.