Santa Clarita Valley WordPress Meetup: Using WordPress to own your online data & social media presence

August 22, 2020
Code of Conduct

Corporate social media has been dominating the online space so significantly that the newest generation of Internet users now thinks that is what the "web" actually is. Fortunately, with WordPress as your platform, you can not only take back your online identity and presence, but you can use it to have a richer and fuller experience than the locked-down experience you get with the limits of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Chris will explore some open web standards and technologies that open up WordPress to allow site-to-site interactions and easier posting functionality through the magic of a small handful of simple plugins. These are simple enough building blocks that the beginning WordPress user can do some powerful new things with their sites but are also rich enough that senior developers can build and extend them or find uses for them for business sites and even e-commerce.


Chris Aldrich has been using WordPress since the Art Blakey release and uses it to run a handful of various sites including his primary web presence at Outside of his day job in the entertainment industry, he's interested in abstract mathematics, big history, and is an advocate of the IndieWeb movement...


As always, we'll get the latest news and information going on in WordPress and answer your questions in a mini-version of a Happiness Bar to help you and assist you with challenges if possible.