IndieWebCamp Create Day

December 25, 2020

Join us in the IndieWeb chat and in our Zoom room. Share ideas, create & improve our personal websites, and build upon each other's creations. Whether you’re a creator, writer, blogger, coder, designer, or just someone who wants to improve their presence on the web, all skill and experience levels welcome.

Put projects you are planning/working on in the Etherpad at

We will open the Zoom at 9AM Pacific Time for anyone who wishes it.


  • David Shanske Coming up on the 25th is the IndieWebCamp Create Day. This is an online event where people will work on projects while sharing in a common Zoom room, so they can collaborate with others, or just bounce ideas and feel togetherness. People are invited to demo to others what they worked on. If you have no other plans that day, why not join us for a little while, or a long while.