Gardens and Streams II

September 25, 2021

We’ll discuss and brainstorm ideas related to wikis, commonplace books, digital gardens, zettelkasten, and note taking on personal websites and how they might interoperate or communicate with each other. This can include IndieWeb building blocks, user interfaces, functionalities, and everyones’ ideas surrounding these. Bring your thoughts, ideas, and let’s discuss and build.

This will be a continuation of the ideas from the Garden And Stream pop up session in 2020. Everyone is welcome and need not have attended prior sessions.

Format: We'll try to do something between a traditional all day IndieWebCamp and a single session pop-up over the span of several hours so that we can accommodate a brief introduction and three BarCamp topic related sessions. Feel free to brainstorm session ideas in advance of the mini-camp, but we'll choose sessions the morning of the event.

Tentative Schedule (all times Pacific):

9:00 AM 30 minute introduction & IndieWeb building blocks
9:30 AM 20 minute session pitches and scheduling
9:50 AM 10 minute break
10:00 AM 60 minute Session 1 (including 10 minute break)
11:00 AM 60 minute Session 2 (including 10 minute break)
12:00 PM 50 minute Session 3
12:50 PM 10 minute closing remarks
1:00 PM pop-up finished

Hack day? Yes, we'll all gather the following day for 3 hours at roughly the same time with a short demo session to follow for folks to show off what they've been working on.

Everyone is welcome to attend.


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Questions? Concerns? Volunteers?

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Organizer(s): Chris Aldrich (chrisaldrich in chat)

Notes for the Session

Notes and archived video for this session, once finished, can be found at

  • zoom grid of smiling participants of the sessionzoom grid of smiling participants of the session