Homebrew Website Club: Nottingham

February 16, 2022

The Homebrew Website Club is a regular meeting for enthusiasts and hobbyist programmers who are building, or thinking of building, their personal websites. The meeting is an informal setting where you can talk with others, get inspiration, or quietly work on your site.

Homebrew Website Clubs are run across the world and have a mixture of styles for how they operate.

For now, this will only be available to the Nottingham folks, and the link shared with them on the Tech Nottingham Slack.


1730-1735: 👋 Event start

A few words to say welcome, and explain the format for those that aren't aware.

We'll also talk through what we're planning on doing for the session.

1735-1830: 🤫 Quiet writing / working time

A quiet time where you can work on what you want:

  • ✍️ Working on a blog post?
  • ⛏️ Building something new for your site?
  • 🐛 Annoying bug on your site you can fix?

You don't need to join the call, but if you do, you don't need to have your audio/video on.

1830-1905: 👩‍💻 Social / co-working time

Continue working on what you were doing during the quiet hour, with the expectation that there will be lively conversation about what people are working on, or just chat about anything Web-related!

1900-1905: 📸 Photo Time!

It's nice to get a photo of the attendees (for posterity) - you'll be given a few minutes to get your video on and ready if you want to participate, or turn your camera off if not.

1905-1930: 📺 Demos

Have you built something during the session? Or between the last session and today? Show it off for us, so we can see what you've been upto.

1930: 👋 Event end

A few closing remarks, and mentioning when the next event will be.