Homebrew Website Club - Pacific

September 13, 2023

One big HWC, for anyone who is available. People from all parts of the world are welcome.

Pacific refers to the timezone(GMT-8) where the event time is centered.

What's Homebrew Website Club?

Homebrew Website Club is a meetup for anyone interested in personal websites and a distributed web. Whether you’re a blogger, coder, designer, or just someone who wants to improve their presence on the web, this meetup is for you.

Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site, or are interested in a healthy, independent web!

What Are "Chat" and "Etherpad"?

If you have questions, ask away in the the IndieWeb chat channel, usable from a browser, IRC, Slack, or Matrix.

Archived notes on the wiki

Who's Running This Thing?

We all run this thing. It is a group effort from the regulars.

Timing and Agenda

You're free to stick around as long as the Zoom room is active. The room is reserved for 2 Hours.

Here's a typical agenda:

  • 5-10 minutes: Introductions, especially from first-timers
  • 1-2 minutes: Take a picture (you don't have to be in it)
  • 10-20 minutes: Demos of personal website breakthroughs
  • 5-10 minutes: Pick on topics for freeform discussion
  • Rest of the time: Share and discuss ideas

RSVP (optional)

If your website supports it, post an indie RSVP. You can also log in with your website and click “I'm Going” below.

If none of that means anything to you, don't worry about it: just show up! The Zoom meeting link will appear shortly before the meeting time.

What Else Can I Attend?

Check events.indieweb.org for next week's meetup, including events centered around different time zones.


  • gRegor Morrill gregorlove.com

    I joined the virtual Homebrew Website Club meetup last night and Pablo shared the post about his plans to expand his music tastes, “1000 Albums in 1000 Days.”

    I have posted someMusic Mondayposts occasionally. It’s usually been when I’m particularly excited about a song or just when the mood strikes me. I was intrigued by Pablo’s idea and figured it could be a relatively easy task to listen to one distinct album each day(-ish), whether it’s new to me or not. I am always interested in finding good new music, so that will be part of the goal, but I think this will also help me go through the catalog of albums I haven’t listened to in ages and see how they hold up.

    I’m keeping it simple for now, so not going to commit to 1000 albums or posting about each one I listen to, but I am sure I will share some of the high/lowlights.

    Recommendations are always welcome! What are some of your favorite albums of 2023?