IndieWeb CreateFest

December 25, 2023

Join us in the IndieWeb chat and in our Zoom room. Share ideas, create & improve our personal websites, and build upon each other's creations. Whether you’re a creator, writer, blogger, coder, designer, or just someone who wants to improve their presence on the web, all skill and experience levels welcome. Breakout rooms available for those who want to collaborate on the same topic.

All text-based chatting is done in the Indieweb chat. Feel free to join us there to get realtime updates and conversation during the event. There are many ways to join. Click here to pick one.

Put projects you are planning/working on in the Etherpad at

Organizer of the Zoom: David Shanske

We will open the Zoom at 9AM Pacific Time, or earlier for anyone who wishes it on another timezone. At 9AM, we will have Intros and optionally Site Demos, and ask people to share what they want to work on with those in attendance before we get down to work.

Noon-1PM Pacific - Bring Your Own Lunch and Touch Base with the Other Attendees

4PM-5PM - Optionally Demo What You Built

After that, there is no expectation that you stay the whole day...pop in and out as you wish.