Front End Study Hall #002

May 7, 2024

Front End Study Hall #002 was enjoyable. We worked on trying to see if we could use the functionality the [popover] attribute gives to create a mobile hamburger menu (mixed results but we learned a lot!) and discussed other techniques including using a checkbox to preserve state. We also looked at navigating inside developer tools, dark mode, and used grid and media queries to create a responsive CV. Add the Frontend tag to your calendar to subscribe to Front End Study Hall events.

If you're a maven of markup or stylesheet superstar, or a newbie novice with nth-of-type, all are welcome to learn together at Front End Study Hall

The foundation of a flexible, good IndieWeb website is markup (the "M" in HTML!") that doesn't drive you batty to debug and CSS that works with it to have it look, sound, and interact how you want, whatever device or format the website is displayed on.

Front End Study Hall is an HTML + CSS focused group meeting to learn from each other about how to make code do what we want.

Even if we don't know, or don't have a quick fix or plan for what you're trying to do with your markup and stylesheets, we can probably point you toward resources that can help.

Hosted by Joe Crawford

Discussion and Notes

Join the #indieweb chat to discuss and ask any questions. Chat is available from the web, IRC, Slack, or Discord.

Archived notes on the wiki.

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