Send a Friend a Webmention Day

What better way to take control of your online representation than to start (or continue) posting comments, likes, bookmarks, and more from your personal website? In that spirit, we are hosting the first Send Your Friend a Webmention Day. The day co-incides with International Friendship Day, too!

During this day, we encourage you to send a Webmention to a friend. A Webmention is a notification sent to a site that you have commented on or reacted to a page on their site. Sites that support Webmention may choose to display your comment or reaction.

You can learn how to send a Webmention in Aaron Parecki's Sending Your First Webmention from Scratch guide.

This isn't a traditional IndieWeb event with a meeting room. Rather, it is an activity! If you want to record your participation in the event, send an RSVP to this page indicating your interest or a comment saying you have sent a Webmention to a friend.